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Project AreaA Reserved Area accessible through a Username and Password assigned for each project by the Group to allow every customer to download layouts, drawings, operation manuals, diagrams and instructions for use.

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A.C.F.  SFH 800 X 2700

The SFH 800 Model Lathe was designed considering all problems ensuing from peeling small diameter blocks.

The main objectives to be reached are the following:

1.            High raw material recovery through:

•             Maximum possible reduction of core diameter thanks to stiff structure and dimensional stability;
•             Sophisticated continuous control system of backup roll position;
•             Automatic control of block rounding up at high speed and high number of cycles.

2.            Construction precision of machine for a better quality of “ peeled product through.

•             Innovative cutting geometry maintained along the whole working cycle independently of the different features of raw material ;
•             High precision of feeding thickness obtained by digital control.

3.            Operational speed obtained by:

•             Reduction of downtimes, thanks to designing and execution of advance solutions, such as:

-          Main direct drive for reaching high dynamic performances;
-          Automatic core ejectors;
-          Driving of main motion axes through ball screws and low inertia-motors;
-          Global control of machine logic and motion rules by  a unique Continuous Numerical control.

•             Optimization of working cycle;
•             High movement speed of operational elements.

4.            Simple control of machine functions following from:

- Reduced interventions of operator , who only controls the machine and its position;
- Minimum maintenance.

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A combination of the complete productions plants and facilities available on the market, modifiable and adaptable on the base of the customers’ requirements or the customer’s projects.

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A TOP QUALITY,  very RESTRICTED and very RARE BRAND NEW Equipment collection with a second-hand price. Few opportunities for few customers, the best relationship among quality, condition, technology and price.

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